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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beginning Oracle SQL

Beginning Oracle SQL is your introduction to the interactive query tools and specific dialect of SQL used with Oracle Database. The book is a revision of the classic Mastering Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus by Lex de Haan, and has been updated to cover the very latest developments in Oracle’s version of the SQL query language.

Written in an easygoing and example-based style, Beginning Oracle SQL is the book that will get you started down the path to successfully writing SQL statements and getting results from Oracle Database.
- Takes an example-based approach, with clear and authoritative explanations
- Introduces both SQL and the query tools used to execute SQL statements
- Shows how to create tables, populate them with data, and then query that data to generate business results

What you’ll learn
- Create database tables and define their relationships
- Add data to your tables; change and delete that data
- Write database queries that generate accurate results
- Avoid common traps and pitfalls in writing SQL queries
- Take advantage of advanced Oracle SQL features such as support for hierarchical queries, analytic and window functions, flashback to a given point in time, and more
- Get a handle on Oracle Database’s support for object types in the database